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Distance Education Courses from China!

...designed for Chinese medicine students and practitioners!

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What features does Wushan TCM offer?



Authentic Learning

Building bridges to CONNECT YOU with TCM in China! We provide authentic learning of Chinese medicine courses taught by Chinese doctors. Get access to cases from our daily study experiences in China.

Translation work

In the beginning we learned Chinese, now we teach it! Trust on our excellent translation work and now more than 9 years of clinical study in Chinese universities! All courses will be directly interpreted into English and German.


Direct Access

Access anytime, learn whenever you want, in your individual way of self study! We present you our professional and effective E-learning courses based on Chinese clinical studies! It's easy, you are just one click away!

TCM from China

Wushan TCM connects you with Chinese medical doctors teaching you online! All courses are produced and uploaded directly from China! We choose the best doctors we got to known to in China to provide you with professional education in Chinese medicine.


Chinese Medicine Online Courses from China!





What makes us special!


since 10 years in China

university study & practice in hospitals

personal contacts to doctors

fluent in Chinese!


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