Chinese medicine from a foreign perspective

Chinese medicine from a foreign perspective – Today was a special day where I was invited by Wang Wei Peng 王伟鹏, a Chinese medicine doctor in Shanghai to give an online lecture about foreigners studying Chinese medicine in China.

Chinese medicine doctors, teachers and Chinese friends took part in this lecture originally held in a wechat group. (Lecture in Chinese)

Even though for many of us who dont know Chinese language I want to share this lecture with you. I see it as a step towards more culturtal understanding and learning from each other. You can find the lecture in the weblink below.


Chinese medicine from a foreign perspective

To listen to the lecture in Chinese, simply click on the weblink above (Chinese medicine from a foreign perspective), download the Power Point (PPT) open it and click on the sign of the audio to start the online lecture.

For all others who dont understand Chinese, just download the PDF document below to get some more insight about my background of studies, about what I was also talking about in this lecture.

Tim Vukan Presentation