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My Chinese medicine teachers and who they are!

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"Meet some of my Chinese doctors & teachers I followed from 2005 to 2016 in my studies in Hangzhou, China!"

Internal medicine

Dr. Cao Ling Yong

Dr. Cao Ling Yong 曹灵勇

Teaching subjects: Shang Han & Jin Kui Yao Lüe

Notes by the author: Dr. Cao has been my tutor for three years during my master study. His approach to classical medicine is making him to a genius in this field.

Dr. Xu Xiao Dong

Dr. Xu Xiao Dong 徐晓东

Chinese medicine doctor in Hangzhou

Notes by the author: Professional teacher for Fang Ji Pei Wu Fang Fa Xue (Application of Chinese formulas) with strong focus on sholars such as Ye Tian Shi etc. Classical medicine and all about Chinese herbs & formulas covering their principles and compatability.

Dr. Su Yun Fang 苏云放

Internal medicine doctor in Hangzhou

Notes by the author: Classical teachings of: Wen Bing Xue, Nan Jing. Strong focus on San Jiao research and Mo Yuan. Incredible depth of knowledge about classical books.

Dr. Wang Jian Min 王建民

Chinese medicine doctor in Hangzhou

Dr. Fang Chun Yang 方春阳

Internal medicine doctor in Hangzhou

He is not only a great Chinese medicine doctor, writer of Chinese poems, publisher of a book called 中国医药大成, but also a very kind doctor who gave me fantastic clinical guidance.

Dr. Wu Bo Ping 吴伯平

Chinese medicine doctor in Hangzhou


Dr. Zhang Shu Yan 张舒雁

Acupuncture doctor in Hangzhou

Notes by the author: Dr. Zhang is applying the abdominal acupuncture as well as loosing weight methods in her clinic.

Dr. Xu Fu 徐福

Acupuncture doctor in Hangzhou

Dr. Ma Rui Jie 马睿杰

Acupuncture and herbal doctor in Hangzhou

Notes by the author: Abdominal acupuncture, Jin three needle technique, scalp acupuncture. Mrs. Ma is a fantastic teacher and doctor for acupuncture, lots of foreigners seek advice from her.

Tuina Massage

Dr. Xu Li 许丽

Pediatric Tuina doctor in Hangzhou

Dr. Weng Jun 翁军

Tuina doctor in Hangzhou

Dr. Wang Peng 王鹏

Tuina & Acupuncture doctor in Hangzhou

Kung Fu - Taiji Quan - Qi Gong

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* The author has spent more than 12 years studying and practicing Chinese medicine in China. He has been inspired by his teachers and doctors who he met during his study. All available online courses have been translated from Chinese into English. The original content has been adjust and modified by Tim Vukan. He created his own content which is shared with you on this website.

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