Online courses from China!

It was a busy year when I take a look back and how everything started. Finding a place to broadcast online courses, work on translations, writing courses, finding material and interesting subjects, … it all took part in my daily life in Hangzhou, China.

What to do with ten years of Chinese medicine study experiences in China,…and the wish to share my knowledge with what I gained from my university and clinical studies? The answer is Online Courses from China!

Starting in the beginning to held my own lectures showed me that this work is connecting me with the audience what I am looking for: Chinese medicine students and practitioner; who wish to get access to an authentic teaching coming directly from China! During my years in Hangzhou I met a lot of practitioners coming to China, to attend in short and long term courses studying Chinese medicine. My courses are designed for those who wish to enjoy a comfortable way of learning and to receive high quality education from China. Soon we will have Chinese medical doctors teaching you directly online, a great chance to see some of Hangzhou’s most famous and professional doctors online.

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