Treatment of obesity


The whole online course includes  a combined power point and audio guided online lecture plus downloadable PDF version!

Tim Vukan, the presenter of this online course, is one of the few foreigners who completed his more than 10 years of Chinese medical long term education, directly in China! He is now sharing his experience and knowledge and connects Chinese medicine students and practitioners.

Teaching language: English

Course total pages: 39



About the online course:

Learn about the acupuncture treatment methods of obesity

Short introduction:

This online course mainly introduces you to the concept and classification of obesity, the related differential diagnosis, the pathogenesis in Chinese medicine as well as combinations of acupuncture points applied in the weight loss treatment.

More details to the course:

  • The acupuncture treatment of obesity: 39 pages
  • Combined PPT + Audio guidance, presented by Tim Vukan

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