Constitution types 2


Learn how to apply the diagnosing method of our different constitution types in deep relation with the theory of Chinese medicine. Find out your own personal conditions and learn on how to apply this method in your clinical work! This course is based on a professional method coming from the field of TCM psychology and covers two parts in total.

Teaching language: English
Course level: Chinese Bachelor (beginner level)
Duration: 45 minutes

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About the course:

This course is teaching you the method on how to be able to find out your own body constitution and later on to use this TCM psychology method it in your clinical treatment to introduce it to your patients.

Our various constitution types can be understood as a comprehensive and relatively stable and inherent material by giving shape which is based on our morphological structure, physiological functions and psychological states. Its nature is formed by a natural and acquired basis. Learn more about yourself and gain a better understanding about your constitution related imbalances by applying the knowledge of a concept coming from the field of Chinese medicine.

About the presenter:

Tim Vukan, the founder of Wushan TCM and lecturer of this webinar, is one of the few foreigners who completed his more than 10 years of Chinese medical long term education directly in China!
The course is based on teachings by Chinese Medical Universities for bachelor degree students majoring in Chinese medicine study.

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