The Seven Emotions


The seven emotions, is an interactive online course, presented by Wushan TCM. This PowerPoint based presentation comes with an attractive online video. Tim Vukan is teaching this online webinar.  This course uses a high-quality tool by edudip which is especially made for online webinars in form of  distance educations. The main concept of Chinese medicine psychology is about the seven emotions. It´s functions and qualities will be explained in detailed in this online course.

The following course is based on teachings by Chinese Medical Universities for bachelor degree students majoring in Chinese medicine study.

Teaching language: English

Course level: Chinese Bachelor (beginner level)

Duration: 70 minutes


About the course:

Emotional Disorders are a main reason of developing a disease. The seven emotions refer to joy, anger, melancholy, worry, grief, fear and fright which is an ancient concept from Chinese Medicine psychology. It describes emotional imbalances and their connections to our inner organ functions. This course offers deep understanding about how emotions influence our human body and how disorders can be understood.

About the presenter:

Tim Vukan, the founder of Wushan TCM and lecturer of this webinar, is one of the few foreigners who completed his more than 10 years of Chinese medical long term education directly in China!

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