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What does Wushan TCM offer?

Wushan TCM connects students and practitioners of Chinese medicine and builds a bridge between China and the west!

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Chinese medicine online courses from Hangzhou, China

presented by Tim Vukan, the founder of Wushan TCM

• based on more than 12 years of study and practice experience in China
• insights in the local university and clinical study
• translations from Chinese lectures, articles and books
• insight into the authentic practice in local Chinese clinics and pharmacies
• introductions of Chinese doctors from Hangzhou
• Chinese medicine workshops and trainings in hangzhou

Yes, you can learn Chinese medicine online!

Wushan TCM is connecting Chinese medicine practitioners and students by offering Chinese medicine online courses and training tours to receive an authentic education in the theory and clinical field of Chinese health cultivation methods. The mission of Wushan TCM is to bridge the east with the west and to offer authentic, personal and professional Chinese medicine education.
Our online courses are based on teachings by professional doctors from China and directly translated by a skilled and trained Chinese medicine expert. Receive authentic knowledge about traditional ways of Chinese medicine, broadcasted with modern online education tools, produced and uploaded directly from China.
Wushan TCM is a Chinese medicine network which has been established in Hangzhou, (China). It was founded in 2008, near by the Wu Mountain in Hangzhou and already attracted many foreigners from all over the world who came to Hangzhou to attend in Chinese medicine courses and seminars.

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